Principles and strategies of film subtitle translation under the influence of 3 necessary cross-cultural factors

After thousands of years of multiplication, various countries and nations have formed unique regions, customs, religions, historical cultures and habits of thinking. These factors have influenced and integrated with each other, and gradually penetrated into their respective languages and cultures.

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How can using subtitles improve your video marketing strategy?

Honestly, does your video content need subtitles?

You want your video to reach as many people as possible, regardless of language and geography. Why do you spend so much time shooting and editing video content when only 10% of the world is actually interested in your subject?

70% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound muted. 430 million people worldwide are hearing impaired – that’s 1 in 20 people worldwide! By 2050, this number is expected to grow to 800 million, while approximately 2.3 billion people will have some proportion of hearing loss.

Think about the last few videos you watched… did you even turn on the sound? If you don’t, why would your audience do it?

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Video content plays a significant role in providing information, amusement, and enlightenment in the modern digital age. With the advent of online learning and social networking websites, videos have become an indispensable tool for conveying information. The comprehension of a video’s audio component may prove daunting for certain spectators, particularly if it is in an unfamiliar tongue or suffers from substandard sound. Subtitles have a crucial role to play by presenting a written depiction of the spoken content, thereby simplifying comprehension of the communication for the audience.

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How to add subtitles online with EasySub: The most reliable way

Maybe audio will lead the future of content marketing, but for now, it’s clear that video accounts for the majority of current internet traffic and engagement. Not to mention, video is unmatched when it comes to virality. Videos naturally appeal to more of our senses.

Video creators fear not because EasySub’s auto subtitle generator will upgrade your videos!

How To Download SRT And TXT Subtitle Files From YouTube Videos(2024)?

Want to track your favorite YouTube videos or get free subtitles? One way is to extract the automatic transcription from YouTube and obtain subtitles or transcription files from it. But not all methods are equal. Here is how to manually or automatically download SRT or TXT files from YouTube videos.

How To Add Subtitles To Interview Videos Accurately And Quickly?

How to add subtitles to interview videos accurately and quickly? For example, by adding subtitles, you can ensure that these interviews have a visual impact on your audience. You can also quickly translate them into other languages. But how to add subtitles to interview videos quickly and accurately without wasting too much energy? We are here to show you a way.

Quickly And Easily Transcribe Video To Text In 5 Minutes

It may be difficult enough to produce high-quality videos with compelling scripts and visual effects, but extracting text from the video is another matter. Outsourcing companies transcribing videos into text can be time-consuming and expensive because they charge by the minute. Many people tend to view it as a daunting task that will produce inaccurate transcripts. We all know that using text in our videos can help us rank better and increase engagement, but we don’t always have enough time to transcribe the video into text after shooting each part. In addition, many people find this daunting housework is something they don’t want to do because it can be lengthy and difficult.

How To Accurately Translate YouTube Videos Into Foreign Languages?

YouTube is full of original works that make everyday users happy. However, although the platform can generate subtitles in multiple languages, more foreign users seem to be unable to access the content. When you are a video creator, you may find it interesting to know how to properly translate YouTube videos in order to share with various cultures and communities. Since this job requires professional skills, here is how to perform high-quality subtitle translation on YouTube.

How To Edit Subtitles Easily And Correctly?

You already have a subtitle file (srt, vtt…) and need to edit the text, synchronization or appearance of the subtitle? You can naturally try to edit your files manually, or use one of the many subtitle editors available on the market. How to edit subtitles easily and correctly? But how to choose and how to use it, let’s take a look at it with us.

How To Add Subtitles To Canvas Online Courses?

Canvas is one of the most widely used LMSs in universities and educational organizations. With its great ease of use, the platform is well received by students and teachers. How to add subtitles to Canvas online courses? Students can benefit from advanced accessibility features, especially in terms of video playback. For example, adding subtitles can make online courses more interactive and impactful. But how to do subtitles in a simple and effective way? We are here to tell you everything. How to add subtitles to Canvas online courses?

How To quickly Add Text To Videos Online In 2024?

Videos are great ideas for explaining the process to someone, training new skills, or guiding someone to use a different system. But sometimes, just showing what to do or how to do it is not enough. Adding text to the video can increase transparency, help identify what you are trying to present, or bring more vitality to your explanation. Various online programs enable you to add text overlays to videos online or offline for free. But deciding what is best for yourself is not a simple task.

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