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Transcribe Video to Text

Automatically transcribe a video’s audio to text

Do you want to convert text files from speech in video? Do you want to automatically generate subtitles and translate video to text? Using EASYSUB to transcribe and translate and design your video’s audio to text the way you want is easy. With EASYSUB, you can convert audio to text with just a few clicks.

You can even use your video transcription as a description of your video when uploading to YouTube, making your video more searchable. You’ll use EASYSUB’s audio-to-text transcription to create content like a pro! Our software converts your video audio to text in real time, so audio to text conversion is fast and easy. Editing your transcriptions is also easy, just choose from a range of fonts, sizes, colors, and more to bring your transcriptions to life! Just upload your video to transcribe video to text and get started!

How to Transcribe Video to Text

1.Upload video and audio files

Click to upload your video or drag to upload.

2.Transcribe from video to text

Click “Add Subtitles”, select the language to be transcribed and the language to be translated, click “Confirm”.

3.Download Text

After the transcription is complete, go to the editing details page, then select the subtitle file format you want under “Get Subtitles”, and click Download.

Video Transcription and Translation

You can use EASYSUB to detect languages from around the world and translate your transcriptions, making your videos accessible to a global audience. Translated into different languages, your videos will also be searchable by people from all over the world. EASYSUB makes it super easy to add transcriptions and translations, and download transcribed videos as TXT files with just one click!

Add your transcription as subtitles

You can easily add transcriptions as subtitles in real-time to make your videos more accessible. EASYSUB makes your videos inclusive for deaf or hard-of-hearing audiences. Whether you’re using subtitles to compensate for sound or to translate subtitles, EASYSUB lets you add to your video quickly and easily.

High-quality video transcription

EASYSUB’s automatic transcription service ensures a high degree of accuracy. Our speech recognition software converts your speech to text with minimal errors. You can even add custom words like your name or brand name to help our software improve accuracy. With fast turnaround, accurate transcription and background noise control, transcribing video has never been easier!

Who Can Use EasySub?

Automatically generating subtitles

Tiktok video maker can use our auto subtitle generator to add subtitles to their videos, export videos directly and conveniently into a video suitable for Tiktok resolution, and share them on social media platforms to gain more interaction with the audience and more Fans.

For some small language movies or movies without subtitles, you can use Auto Subtitle Generator to quickly and easily obtain the subtitles of the movie, and provide free translation into bilingual subtitles. You can quickly add subtitles to the movie with a simple operation.

If students and teachers need to quickly add subtitles to a learning video or get a subtitle of a learning audio, EasySub is an excellent choice.

The professional subtitle group can use our online automatic subtitle tool to edit the video and subtitles. Then the results of the auto-generated result. It saves a lot of time.