How to Get Japanese Subtitles for Your Videos

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How to Get Japanese Subtitles for Your Videos
In this blog, we look at how to target 126 million native Japanese speakers worldwide by adding Japanese subtitles to videos.

If you are a video company or an organization that produces video content. You definitely want to expand your reach and viewership. By adding subtitles, you can make your content more accessible to viewers of different native languages.

Why subtitles are so important?

Subtitles help bring content to a global audience. Adding subtitles to videos can help non-native speakers enjoy foreign films and make online content accessible to anyone around the world.

EasySub Auto Subtitle Generator uses AI to generate and translate subtitles. Non-native speakers of videos can also watch videos better. Subtitles also work for watching video content without audio.

Why Use Japanese Subtitle?

Japanese is the 9th most widely spoken language on earth, with millions of native speakers worldwide.

However, in the US, most streaming services or video platforms typically do not offer Japanese subtitles, leaving many content inaccessible to those who only speak Japanese.

Adding Japanese subtitles to video can help you target this large audience and make your content accessible to these native speakers.

Where can quickly get accurate Japanese subtitles?

EasySub provides an simple way to get accurate Japanese subtitle for video. Therefore, here are the 3 steps to get Japanese subtitles from EasySub:

1.Upload your video

Firstly, you can upload a file, or paste the URL from YouTube.

2.Select “Japanese” and let EasySub start working

Select “Japanese” from the languages provided, and we will start automatically generating your subtitles through the AI algorithm. Our professional AI speech recognition algorithm subtitles all speech and atmosphere in your uploaded videos, delivering fast, accurate and high-quality productions.

With EasySub you also have the option to customize your subtitles in our editor and burn Japanese subtitles to your videos.

3.Download subtitles

At last, when the subtitles are generated, you can enter the details page to modify and download the subtitles.

Start creating videos with Japanese subtitles with EasySub

Therefore, backed by the most accurate AI intelligent speech recognition algorithms. You can trust EasySub to help you with all your translation and subtitle needs.

Try EasySub today and make your content more accessible to a global audience.

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