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Audio Translator

Audio to Text Translator Online

Would you like to translate audio or voice notes to text? Now you can do that and more with EasySub’s easy-to-use audio translator! Transcribe recordings, podcasts, speeches, conversations, and more. EasySub’s powerful audio translator can automatically detect any language in your audio files (mp3, wav, m4a, etc.). You can transcribe it to text with a single click! Just upload your file, go to “Details” and instantly transcribe your audio to text. When you’re ready, feel free to edit and rewrite transcriptions.

Fast-track from speech recognition to transcription with EasySub’s Audio Translator. Our transcription service works automatically online. No need for manual transcription. No need to rely on Google Translate. So, transcribing and translating has never been easier with EasySub. Different Formats – EasySub allows you to save transcripts as text (.txt) and SRT (.srt) for easier sharing and opening on different platforms. You can upload audio or video files in any format. And, that’s not all – EasySub can translate your texts into over 150 languages!

How to automatically translate audio to text:

1.Upload Audio File

Firstly, upload the audio (or video) you wish to transcribe on EasySub – drag and drop, it’s easy.

2.Transcribe Audio

Click “Add Subtitles”. Select the language to detect. Then select the language you want to translate. Later, click “Confirm” and wait for your transcription to be automatically generated.

3.Translate Audio

Last, just click “Get Subtitles”, select the “Target” option, click Download SRT.

Fast and accurate auto subtitles

With EasySub audio translator, you can transcribe your video in seconds. Just one click, a few keystrokes, and your transcription can begin! Our speech recognition software will automatically transcribe your video, saving you hours of manual transcription.

EasySub’s automatic transcription accuracy is top-notch, making it a favorite of videomakers looking to transcribe on the go. For 100% accuracy, just edit and reword the text.

Plus, thanks to our AI-powered voice recognition software, there won’t be too much text displayed in the first place! And, if you get stuck, just find us in live chat and we’ll be happy to help! Never waste precious time on manual transcription and translation again. EasySub will do it all faster than ever.

Who Can Use EasySub?

Automatically generating subtitles

Tiktok video maker can use our auto subtitle generator to add subtitles to their videos, export videos directly and conveniently into a video suitable for Tiktok resolution, and share them on social media platforms to gain more interaction with the audience and more Fans.

For some small language movies or movies without subtitles, you can use Auto Subtitle Generator to quickly and easily obtain the subtitles of the movie, and provide free translation into bilingual subtitles. You can quickly add subtitles to the movie with a simple operation.

If students and teachers need to quickly add subtitles to a learning video or get a subtitle of a learning audio, EasySub is an excellent choice.

The professional subtitle group can use our online automatic subtitle tool to edit the video and subtitles. Then the results of the auto-generated result. It saves a lot of time.