Add SRT to MP4

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Add SRT to MP4

Add SRT subtitles to MP4 Free Online

You can quickly take your SRT subtitle file (also VTT, SSA, TXT, etc.) and merge it with your MP4 video file online. EasySub supports a range of subtitle and video files and allows you to upload and hardcode (burn) them into your video.

You can also convert subtitles to different formats, edit subtitle text, font, color, size, shape and background color. You can even translate subtitles into any language with just one click!

How to Add SRT to MP4

1.Upload video (MP4) file

Select the MP4 video you want to add subtitles to. You can drag and drop it into the editor.

2.Generate SRT file

Click “Add Subtitles” > “Confrim” and wait for the subtitles to be generated.

3.Burn subtitles to the video

All you have to do is hit the “Export” button and your subtitles will be automatically burned (hardcoded) into your video. Your new subtitled video will be saved as a single file. complete!

Who Can Use EasySub?

Automatically generating subtitles

Tiktok video maker can use our auto subtitle generator to add subtitles to their videos, export videos directly and conveniently into a video suitable for Tiktok resolution, and share them on social media platforms to gain more interaction with the audience and more Fans.

For some small language movies or movies without subtitles, you can use Auto Subtitle Generator to quickly and easily obtain the subtitles of the movie, and provide free translation into bilingual subtitles. You can quickly add subtitles to the movie with a simple operation.

If students and teachers need to quickly add subtitles to a learning video or get a subtitle of a learning audio, EasySub is an excellent choice.

The professional subtitle group can use our online automatic subtitle tool to edit the video and subtitles. Then the results of the auto-generated result. It saves a lot of time.