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Being in the creative industry myself and having edited many videos, we know that the process of manually transcribing and adding subtitles can be time consuming. That's why one of the first features installed in EasySub. Yes automatic transcription and subtitles!

Want to learn how to add subtitles to a video with the click of a button? It only takes a few minutes to use EasySub – a simple and powerful AI subtitle generator. A simple 3-step process will automatically transcribe your video’s audio into create subtitles.

1.Upload your video

Upload videos directly from your computer or YouTube.

Create subtitles with EASYSUB

2.Analyze your video

Let EasySub analyze your video. The estimated time depends on the length of the video.

Create subtitles with EASYSUB

3.Export your subtitles

Export video with subtitles. Or export a text file for further use.

Create subtitles with EASYSUB

5 reasons to add subtitles to your videos:

1.Create Subtitles increase engagement and comprehension

In the modern 21st century, people’s attention is increasingly divided. Therefore, it is difficult to attract the attention of the audience. Still, some quick research suggests there is a quick fix. It seems people prefer to watch videos with subtitles. Even though the video is in their own language and they understand it perfectly. Lots of people still have closed captioning turned on. Apparently it improves concentration and helps them focus better and understand your video. The combination of video and text is strong and can reach more people than video alone.

2.Not everyone can hear your audio

Nearly 20% of the world’s population has complete hearing loss. Some of the 20% have limited hearing. Can you imagine how big a number this is? If you fail to add subtitles to your video, you are missing out on reaching this huge audience. That’s just bad business. Make your videos inclusive. Add captions so everyone can hear your message.

3.Not everyone has the sound on

Research shows that 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound turned off. What does this say to you? Many people watch videos on social media while they are at work, at social events, and sometimes even in the waiting room. They must be in quiet mode. Why lose all those viewers. Create eye-catching and stylish subtitles that grab the attention of your viewers so they can engage with your videos and hear what you have to say, anytime, anywhere.

4.Subtitles can reach a wider audience

Instapage research found that videos with captions have 16% more reach on Facebook than videos without captions. They saw 15% more shares, 17% more reactions, and 26% more clicks on their calls to action. In short, all metrics of organic video are overwhelmed by captioned video. Text on your video can change the way people interact with your video and even change the way people make the decision to convert.

5.Subtitles help your SEO

While your main focus should be high-quality content, you can’t ignore these little spiders that crawl the World Wide Web and index everything so it can be easily accessed and found. Many named parameters help with SEO. The more people who stay on your site and watch your videos, the better. Also, if you add text subtitles to your video, it will help these spiders to read your video, which they cannot understand otherwise because they only understand text. Finding your content quickly on the internet is the key to getting more traffic.

So, is create subtitles to your videos worth your time?

As you can see, I’ve listed 5 reasons why you should subtitle your video, and I’m sure we can find out more. If we compare the time it takes to add subtitles with Nova A.I. And the huge improvement subtitles can bring to your marketing strategy I strongly believe it’s a great practice that will give you a very good return on investment. It’s cost-effective and automated, so you spend little time and money on it. There really is nothing to lose, only to gain. So start create subtitles now!

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