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Audio to Text

Easily transcribe speech to text

Have an audio file that needs to be quickly transcribed? Manually transcribing audio can take hours, or even longer it can take days. Imagine typing verbatim transcriptions of recordings, songs, or interviews. This can be a very painful process! Now you can use online tools that automatically transcribe audio files for you. All you have to do is upload your audio or video, click on the subtitle/transcription tool, and EasySub will transcribe your speech to text for you.

EasySub supports MP3, WAV and other popular audio formats. Edit or make minor changes to the transcription if needed. You can then download the TXT file for any purpose. You can download the file in TXT, VTT , ASS or SRT format. No need to use Word docs or Google Docs to type your transcriptions. It’s very simple and fast!

How to Transcribe Audio to Text Online

1.Upload your audio file

Once in the workbench, click “Add project” and select an audio file from your folder. You can also drag and drop files into the box.

Audio to Text Online

2.Transcribe audio

Audio to Text Online

When you’ve finished uploading your audio, click “Add Subtitles” and select your preferred language and translation language, then click “Confirm”. EasySub will automatically transcribe the audio. You can change the transcription if you wish.

3.Download Transcribed Subtitles

After entering the subtitle details page, click “Get Subtitles” to download subtitles. Make sure to choose your preferred format. You can download TXT, VTT, ASS or SRT files.

Quickly download your transcriptions

EasySub transcribes your audio in just a few clicks, then you can download the transcription file. After uploading the audio, go to the project list and click “Add Subtitles”. You may want or need to make some minor edits to the transcription. Some words may not be 100% accurate, but it’s still faster and easier than typing the entire transcription yourself. When you’re happy with your transcription, download a TXT, VTT, ASS or SRT file with just one click!

Who Can Use EasySub?

Automatically generating subtitles

Tiktok video maker can use our auto subtitle generator to add subtitles to their videos, export videos directly and conveniently into a video suitable for Tiktok resolution, and share them on social media platforms to gain more interaction with the audience and more Fans.

For some small language movies or movies without subtitles, you can use Auto Subtitle Generator to quickly and easily obtain the subtitles of the movie, and provide free translation into bilingual subtitles. You can quickly add subtitles to the movie with a simple operation.

If students and teachers need to quickly add subtitles to a learning video or get a subtitle of a learning audio, EasySub is an excellent choice.

The professional subtitle group can use our online automatic subtitle tool to edit the video and subtitles. Then the results of the auto-generated result. It saves a lot of time.