Quickly And Easily Transcribe Video To Text In 5 Minutes

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Quickly And Easily Transcribe Video To Text In 5 Minutes
It may be difficult enough to produce high-quality videos with compelling scripts and visual effects, but extracting text from the video is another matter. Outsourcing companies transcribing videos into text can be time-consuming and expensive because they charge by the minute. Many people tend to view it as a daunting task that will produce inaccurate transcripts. We all know that using text in our videos can help us rank better and increase engagement, but we don’t always have enough time to transcribe the video into text after shooting each part. In addition, many people find this daunting housework is something they don’t want to do because it can be lengthy and difficult.

Why transcribe video to text?

Compared to just having the video, transcribe video to text has several advantages. Transcribed videos can give your content more exposure on search engines and social media.

Creating high-quality relevant subtitles can be an effective way to improve SEO rankings and increase engagement. Whether you upload your video to YouTube or Facebook. Add text to video is an effective strategy to get more views.

The reason why we want to transcribe a video into text is simple:

Reason 1: Improve Google ranking

Google has officially stated that they use transcripts as a ranking factor. Since Google uses the transcript on your website as part of its search results, it makes sense to ensure that the transcript contains keywords related to your business’s online image and provide viewers with more clicks.

Reason 2: Improve engagement on social media

Although Facebook and Instagram are both major visual platforms, they have many similarities in the types of content you can post.

On these two sites, if you need to get updates from their accounts, you need to comment on their posts, share or follow someone.

One way to stand out is to share videos with subtitles on your social media. Subtitles are a powerful tool that can help people with hearing impairments, foreigners with limited English proficiency. People who turn off their sound in public places but may wish to access them in other ways, such as audio-to-text converters for creating subtitles.

This will allow anyone without having to manually create video subtitles from scratch. They can quickly and easily share your subtitled video with friends or followers.

What video content is best for transcribing subtitles?

Any video that needs to be converted to text quickly and easily is suitable for online subtitle generators like EasySub.

Suitable subtitled videos include commercial presentations. It is used to promote your company’s products or services; interviews with relevant experts that you want to share across multiple platforms; news reports to inform viewers of current events; for students who want to access content in alternative formats, etc. Provide educational videos.

To be precise, it doesn’t matter what type of video content you have, whether it’s a product launch or an educational tutorial. An online subtitle generator like EasySub can be an effective way to increase your online image and improve accessibility for all audiences, because it can double as a subtitle translation tool in more than 150 languages.

If your business wants to increase SEO while increasing engagement and exposure
You really need an audio to text converter like EasySub.

Techniques for using subtitles

Video length

When choosing the correct subtitle format, the length of the video is very important. Your choice should depend on its length and what you want to express in the subtitles without taking up too much time or space (2:00 minutes is best).

Short videos work better with shorter subtitles, while longer subtitles work better with longer subtitles, so consider creating two versions-one for each situation, you can include everything you need to say, but don’t lengthy.

Choose the right language

A powerful online subtitle generator like EasySub can help you attract more audiences by allowing video content to be viewed in multiple languages.

In addition, this will allow viewers from all over the world to follow your video without the need for a separate translation service. This is also the case for creators who speak more than one language or don’t speak English at all to see them on YouTube or social media The works are a great way to a larger audience.

The translated video is perfect for reaching a wider audience around the world!


Be sure to edit your subtitles to ensure that they accurately represent the content, style, and tone of the original video. The online free video editor also allows you to expand the short transcript by including additional information that may be overlooked during the conversion process.

Editing your online subtitles will also help improve readability and make the transcript look more professional. Read more about how to edit each subtitle here!

The online subtitle generators usually have an editing dashboard. You can check and fix any spelling errors and grammatical errors before posting content online.

How to use EasySub as a perfect audio to text converter to transcribe video to text

EasySub provides a cost-effective solution. This solution can better add subtitles to video for enterprises. At the same time it ensures that high-quality transcriptions can be created quickly and easily as part of a broader SEO strategy.

EasySub uses an automatic speech recognition program. It uses algorithms to decompose all aspects of spoken language. It includes intonation, accent and context. Through these technical means, EasySub becomes the perfect audio-to-text converter.

Using online subtitle generators and subtitle translation tools such as EasySub, you can access subtitles in more than 200 different languages, as well as an editing dashboard that allows you to make changes or correct any potential errors that the software may make.

In addition, you can edit and style your subtitles and fonts to make them look more attractive to the audience. To make it easier for the company, EasySub allows users all over the world to translate their language of choice into multiple languages ​​with just a few clicks.

Use their subtitle translation tool to translate your video into text easily and quickly. You only need to upload the video, select the language, and within a few minutes you can select subtitles in French, Spanish or any other language you want.

To ensure that your videos get the best subtitles, in addition to the 15-minute free trial, EasySub also provides two different services: Pay as go and Subscription.

EasySub does not have any restrictions on video size and upload times. You can enjoy the convenience it brings to you.

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