How to Quickly Add Subtitles to Movies?

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How to Quickly Add Subtitles to Movies
Today, let us use EasySub to quickly add accurate automatic subtitles to movies and translate them.

Add subtitles to movies

No matter what language we speak, everyone loves to watch movies. The problem is that most movies don’t have enough budget to translate into multiple languages, which means you may not be able to read the movie. Whether you want to subtitle your favorite movie or plan to make your own movie subtitles, add subtitles to movies is not difficult, but it takes time and patience.

1.Delivery time

At the beginning of the whole project. We have basically formed a time allocation plan for the translation of movies, TV dramas, documentaries and variety shows. The time left for subtitle translation is also very limited, and there are very few people who can “negotiate” room.

With limited time and effort, how to arrange the translation work? We need to ensure both on-time delivery and quality of the translation, which is also a test for translators.

2.Subtitle time

We all know it is very uncomfortable if subtitles and sound are not unified. It is difficult for the audience to understand the content that has not been dubbed.

At this point, we need to translate while also taking into account everyone’s experience. How are they translated and in what form are subtitles? When do subtitles appear? How long do subtitles stay? Even the format of the subtitles, etc., are factors that must be taken into account.

How to Quickly Add Subtitles to Movies?

EasySub provides automatic subtitle generation service with an accuracy rate of over 95%, and subtitle translation in 100+ national languages.

Quickly add subtitles to movies in the following three steps:

1.Upload movie file

Firstly, click “Add project”, click upload or directly drag and drop movie files into it.

2.Generate and translate subtitles

Secondly, wait for the movie to upload and click “Add Subtitles”. Select the original language of the movie and the language you want to translate and click “Confirm”.

3.Download subtitles and export movies

Finally, go to the details page to edit subtitles and download the export of the movie.

EasySub sincerely hopes to help everyone who needs add subtitles to movies.

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